Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Running Microsoft Internet Explorer on Linux

This is a short introduction to a more in-depth article I'm writing about Running Microsoft Internet Explorer on Linux, covering Fedora Core and Ubuntu releases (you may run any other Microsoft Windows application as well, not just Internet Explorer).

You may wonder why, if you can run Firefox.

Well, there's a huge list of reasons, but on top of this list is: because some important sites are designed like crap and you can't use Firefox to access them.

Have you seen tons of error messages in your Firefox's Javascript Console while accessing your home banking or when you try to buy an iPod online ?

This is a reason.

You can use Wine, Crossover Office, but personally I think that you extend your agony.
Do you need Flash 8 on Linux ?
Flash 9 ?
This is a way.
The solution uses rdesktop 1.5.0 with seamless window support, Cendio's seamlessrdpshell, Microsoft Windows XP, and VMware Workstation (but can also be applied to the free VMware Player or Server).
I'm also using some Python scripts and devilspie to modify some windows.
More on this next on this blog.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Diego Torres Milano's blog: gnome-terminal enhancements

Diego Torres Milano's blog: gnome-terminal enhancements
Today I've released gnome-terminal-launcher-0.6 now featuring FedoraRPMs and Ubuntu DEBs.

This new version includes some fixes and enhancements. Further details are provided in the changelog.