Sunday, June 25, 2006

Installing Mediawiki on SourceForge

If you are trying to install Mediawiki on SourceForge, and you are encountering a lot of issues coming from the fact that SourceForge's web servers mount the project home directories read only, you should take a look at Mediawiki installation on SourceForge and follow the directions to run a script that I've written to circunvent those problems.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

gnome-terminal enhancements

If you are a system administrator, perhaps a command line junkie, and you deal with a large number of servers on a daily basis, you may have already created profiles to define the connection characteristics of each server.

I've also experienced an improvement in usability assigning a different color and icon to a server or group of servers. After a while, you can quicly identify which server are you connected to with just a glimpse of the screen.
But this has a drawback, the only way to open a terminal is from another terminal unless you've already created launchers for the specific profiles.
To provide a cleaner solution. I've create the gnome-terminal-launcher applet that reads the profiles from GConf and creates the corresponding menu entry to invoke the gnome-terminal command and its arguments.

Despite the fact that it is a work in progress and some other features will be added in next releases, it is very helpful now for the administrator's toolbox.

Visit the project SourceForge home page to obtain more information

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Recuerdan el post anterior Tengo pruebas ?
Casualmente, la semana pasada cuando ibamos a Roma, nos encontramos con este buen señor y también casualmente le toco el asiento junto a los diablillos. Observen detenidamente la expresión de resignación en ese rostro.
Esperamos encontralo en nuestro próximo viaje...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tortilla espanola

Ayer, nuevamente Andrew e Ina nos invitaron a cenar ya que les explicamos esa vieja tradicion Argentina que indica que si invitas a cenar a alguien un sabado en la noche luego debes invitarlo por siete semanas mas si no quieres tener siete anos de mala suerte ;-)

Ina nos agasajo con una tortilla española espectacular que pueden degustar visualmente, aunque en esta oportunidad no pudimos esperar a tomar la foto y ya esta empezada. La acompañamos con un Siglo Rioja Crianza.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

Now testing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, which was released yesterday, and I'm very satisfied. I was always a RedHat/Fedora kind of guy, but anyway I liked latest Ubuntu a lot.

gnome-app-install small bug

During the tests I've found a small bug in gnome-app-install, there's no need to say that the gnome-app-install/synaptic combination is much, much better that Fedora's pup/pirut.
The problem is that everytime you select an empty category, the information from the previous package is still displayed because the blank page fails.
Well, as I found this problem I wrote a small patch for the gnome-app-install application that solves it.
I'm filling the bug report right now (filled under BUG #48044).

The patch can be found here: