Wednesday, June 21, 2006

gnome-terminal enhancements

If you are a system administrator, perhaps a command line junkie, and you deal with a large number of servers on a daily basis, you may have already created profiles to define the connection characteristics of each server.

I've also experienced an improvement in usability assigning a different color and icon to a server or group of servers. After a while, you can quicly identify which server are you connected to with just a glimpse of the screen.
But this has a drawback, the only way to open a terminal is from another terminal unless you've already created launchers for the specific profiles.
To provide a cleaner solution. I've create the gnome-terminal-launcher applet that reads the profiles from GConf and creates the corresponding menu entry to invoke the gnome-terminal command and its arguments.

Despite the fact that it is a work in progress and some other features will be added in next releases, it is very helpful now for the administrator's toolbox.

Visit the project SourceForge home page to obtain more information


shirishag75 said...

I read the blog post as well as the wiki. While you do mention how to set things up, you haven't given any clue how to link it up with different servers or what else can be achieved. Gconf2-tool is very much intimidating for a new user.

Diego Torres Milano said...

Yes, you are right is not mentioned.
However, these settings can be managed through gnome-terminal profiles and they are explained in its manual.