Thursday, January 31, 2008

Desktop Android

This thread asks an interesting question: is it possible to run Android UI on desktop ?
Well, I think that is possible but very difficult, and almost impossible if the source code is not available. I said almost, because as the well know sports brand remind us: impossible is nothing.

In the meantime, this screenshot shows how using tweaked skins you can run the emulator in a native window, even at a bigger size. This one is 640x480.

There's no special keys or buttons (dpad) here, so you must remember this

F1/PgUp Menu key
F2/PgDown Star key
F3 Call key
F4 End Call key
Home Home key
ESC Back Key
F7 Power button
F8 Disable/Enable all networking
F9 Start tracing (only with -trace)

F10 Stop tracing (only with -trace)
Keypad 2468 Dpad arrows
Keypad 5 Dpad center
Keypad 79 Rotate device skin
Keypad + Volume Up key
Keypad - Volume Down key
Keypad / Decrease onion alpha
Keypad * Increase onion alpha
Ctrl-K Switch between 'unicode' and 'raw' keyboard modes

Download the WINDOW-L and BIGWINDOW-L skins from, unzip it in some directory of your preference (/home/android/skins in the following example) and then run the emulator

$ emulator -skindir /home/android/skins -skin BIGWINDOW-L

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