Monday, July 14, 2008

Vista on Asus EeePC

You can find tons of post about installing Vista on Asus EeePC, and some videos too. So, perhaps it works.
But, wait a minute !
What's the reason to install Vista ?
Because this Xandros sucks, because you can't configure it to your liking...
It's no news that AsusLauncher is very bad designed and, for example, instead of highlighting icons when the mouse is over it's using completely different images. So for every icon, you need a copy of it, highlighted multiplied by the number of themes. A total waste of disk space in such a limited environment.
Living with that limitations, and tweaking the glorious IceWM and some images and AsusLauncher XML comfiguration, you can obtain veeesta (a Vista looking EeePC running Xandros Linux).
I would have installed Ubuntu, but once that I have a Linux notebook where all of its hardware is working out-of-the-box, as if it was a Windows one, I don't want to start hunting for tweaks on how to make the wireless network work, how to make it sleep, or whatever.

If you want some instructions on how to do it, just drop me a message.
I think that this wallpapers and images cannot be redistributed due to Microsoft copyrights.

Enjoy veeesta !

Ohh, I almost forgot to show you the themed firefox and taskbar...

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