Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Android thin client

Is Google Android suitable as a thin client operating system ?
I've been designing and developing thin client OSs during the last 7 years, and I was wondering if we can base a thin client OS on Android.
Let's find out.

Well, we need to change some source code to enable network booting so we have to wait, but watching this crude preview (from an 800x600 screen) perhaps begins our brainstorm...

Comments and suggestions are gladly welcome.


Jonapin said...

Como puedo enviar codigo html con Intent.extra_text, gracias

How can I send html code to Intent.extra_text, thanks

Diego Torres Milano said...

It's not clear what you want, but I guess is something like

intent.putExtra("com.example.html", "<html>Hi !</html>");

Unknown said...

There is a program called "Remote" (www.toremote.com) for android. It's a brilliant implementation of windows RDP protocol. You may want to check that out instead of VNC.

Diego Torres Milano said...

Thanks for your comments.
Definitely I'll take a look.