Saturday, April 11, 2009

Android Top

I'm experimenting creating some custom widgets and one is the VU meter, and I'm trying to make them behave more or less like real ones. The most interesting characteristic of VU meters is their slow measurement averaging out peaks.
In this simple example (see video) instead of measuring loudness I'm measuring CPU and memory usage.

CPU and memory consumption are obtained from kernel's /proc filesystem and top command.
Buffers and Cached memory can be excluded or included from the count long pressing on the memory VU meter.
While the application was running a background process was launched and thus why the CPU usage increases.

I've found this example interesting and wanted to share it.
I hope you find it interesting too.


Unknown said...

Is this on a beta test state or something ?
I would like to try it out on my phone

Diego Torres Milano said...

Download and install it.