Friday, September 04, 2009

Android: Sharing your mobile connection with your computer (tethe

This document can be read in Google Docs (, cut and paste link if you have problems accessing it.

This post shows how easy is to share your mobile network to your Ubuntu 9.04 computer (should work with other Linux distributions as well) using your HTC Hero.
Tethering with no rooting, no drivers to install (as with other OSs), no complex settings...
Too boring, it just works.

enable mobile network sharing in your phone

for this option to work USB cable must be connected

that's all

Your phone was detected as an USB network adapter and NetworkManager did all the dirty work for you.
Your computer is now connected to the mobile network !


If everything works just like that this blog would become very boring :-)

If you have comments, ideas, critiques or whatever just drop me a line or leave a comment in the blog.

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stanb said...

My G1 (T-mobile) doesn't show this menu item. Is this G1's feature or what is the reason?

Diego Torres Milano said...

AFAIK it's only available on the HTC Hero.

Dev Singh said...

i like this

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