Friday, June 03, 2011

Android Application Testing Guide

The wait is almost over and after a year of hard work the book is finished and is expected to be published by PACKT this month (June 2011).

You can Pre-order now !

Adroid Application Testing Guide is a highly detailed book which gives step-by-step examples for a great variety of real-world cases, providing professional guidelines and recommendations that will be extremely valuable for optimizing your development time and resources. In the chapters you will find an introduction to specific testing techniques, and tools for specific situations.

Overview of Android Application Testing Guide
  • The first and only book that focuses on testing Android applications
  • Step-by-step approach clearly explaining the most efficient testing methodologies
  • Real world examples with practical test cases that you can reuse
  • eBook available as PDF and ePub downloads and also on PacktLib
More detailed information can be obtained from its web page at PACKT.


    Anonymous said...

    Looking forward to this book! Thanks for all your work.

    hazam said...

    I think i was the first guy in the world to buy the book: you already have my money, I'm sure it's well spenrt

    Diego Torres Milano said...

    Thanks a lot. I am confident the book will be fulfill your expectations.

    Your critic and comments will be gladly welcome here.

    robin zhou said...

    I am in china, I so want to have a book, HOW CAN I GET IT?

    Android app development said...

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    Android developer said...

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    Chuck Krutsinger said...

    Bought the book and I highly recommend it if you are looking for explicit examples of how to use the Android testing framework to test your application. It also has good information about other helpful tools and even a bit on how to apply TDD and BDD to testing on Android. Well written, easy to follow, clear examples. Thanks Diego!

    Diego Torres Milano said...

    Hi Chuck,
    Thanks for your comments. I'm glad to hear that you found the book helpful.

    Unknown said...

    Hello Diego. I am android developer and struggling with injecting motion events, using instrumentation class. It would be awesome if you would kindly answer some questions about injecting. Send me e-mail, please: