Friday, July 08, 2011

Eclipse, Android and EMMA code coverage

On of the examples I'm including in the tutorial I will be presenting at LinuxCon North America 2011 (link to presentation) is a step by step use of EMMA code coverage from Eclipse to help you navigate through the Android application source code while applying Test Driven Development techniques.

This screenshot, taken from the tutorial examples, shows:

  1. The code coverage results directly summarized and highlighted in the Activity source code inside Eclipse editor
  2. The coverage view lists coverage summaries for the Android project, allowing drill-down to method level
If you are seriously developing Android applications you shouldn't miss this tutorial.
Hope to see you there.


Kent said...

Could you share how do you enabling emma plugin for testing android test project.
Do you use your own nstrumentationTestRunner?

Diego Torres Milano said...

Slides will be available at the Linux Foundation [] website after the presentation.

deep vats said...

Can us share that how can we do personalized
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Simon Butscher said...

May it now possible to share the slides?
By the way thanks for writing the "Android Application Testing Guide" book. I like it!

Diego Torres Milano said...

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your comments.

Slides were shared last week after the presentation and now can be found at or very soon at Linux Foundation web site.

Jonas said...

I regulary use Emma för unit testing and it rocks. However, sometimes, i would like to launch the app än freeride test it för a while and then see what code paths i have touched. How do I do that without writing a dummy testcase?

Diego Torres Milano said...

I hope helps you find the answer to your question.

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Jose Ángel Zamora said...


When I run the ant in order to get the .ec for an Android Test Project, after that when I tried to import the .ec into the eclipse, I get the message "class X appears to be instrumented already" and the class is related to the Android Project (not Android Project Test).

Has someone any idea?

Best regards.

Grantland said...

For future reference, the code coverage slides start at slide 145.

John said...

Looked at the slides and still don't understand how to enable Eclipse and Android for Emma. Can you make a separate presentation on how to enable it for us newbs?