Thursday, January 22, 2015

AndroidViewClient/culebra 10K/month download mark

I proudly announce that last month we achieved the 10K/month download.

Thank you all collaborator, contributors, testers and users that helped in the creation and evolution of one of the best and most versatile Android automated testing tool.

Since culebra's GUI inception some months ago, we closed the gap between programmers and testers. Even though the auto-generated test scripts are the same as the ones that could be manually created using AndroidViewClient as a library  with the GUI we lowered the bar and the tool can be used even you don't know how to program in python and even if you don't program at all.

In retrospective last months we have seen several fundamental additions, like as I mentioned

  • culebra GUI
  • multi-device test generation and run capability (more coming soon)
  • orientation locked tests
  • log test steps to file, screen and adb logcat
  • screen and View snapshots with filename generated from pattern
  • added WiFiManager to mimic Android device's
  • calculation of distance between different View trees
  • drag using PX or DIP
  • and many, many more

Stay in touch. You comments and suggestions are welcome, and is a great way of getting your questions answered.
Install from pypi, clone from github and read the documentation from the wiki (yes, it's been updated and cleaned up lately, however some still needs some love, anyone?).

See you at the 100K/month post ;-)

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