Monday, December 03, 2007

Dogfish Administration Console Watchdog for Glassfish

Have you ever been caught by this screen ?
Having to login to the machine where Glassfish domains are installed just to run a simple administrative command to get the server online again. Perhaps requiring a trip to the data center.

The message says:

The domain can be restarted using the asadmin start-domain command. In order to restart the domain:
  • login to the machine where domain is installed.
  • run /bin/asadmin list-domains to ensure that the domain shutdown process is complete
  • run /bin/asadmin start-domain command with appropriate parameters.

Well, I decided to start this tool would help to alleviate this situation.
Dogfish is kept as simple as possible (KISS philosophy), it's a secure web server, based on '' and relative classes, relies on Glassfish authentication, and let's you send the administrative commands to start, stop and restart domains and will be able to define some actions to restart domains in case of failure or no response.
More on this later.

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