Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Test Driven Development and GUI Testing: First things first

As you can guess from some previous articles (e.g: I'm a proud supporter of Test Driven Development and I've been using it successfully in most of my projects. There are plenty of online resources explaining TDD so we are not going deeper on the subject. What it is not so easy to find is how to use TDD in GUI development and this is the article thread we are stating now.
We will use Netbeans 6 IDE to develop a very simple application (Temperature Converter: lets you convert temperatures in different units, pretty obvious duhh...) presenting a swing GUI which is our testing target. As usual JUnit is used for the testing infrastructure and Jemmy for the GUI components.
We will also be adding some UML to the recipe

Despite the fact that this is an extremely simple application, we will also drive the model from the UML perspective and at least this will help you understand how this can be done for more complex projects.

This Temperature Converter is a slight variation of the one appearing in the Java Tutorials: Lesson: Learning Swing with the NetBeans IDE.

Fasten you seat belts. We are ready to launch.

Next article: Test Driven Development and GUI Testing: Temperature Converter details

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