Sunday, December 28, 2008

Android Intent Playground 2.0

Android Intent Playground 2.0 was released.

Check the previous post too: Diego Torres Milano's blog: Android: Playing with Intents which refers to a previous version.

This new version includes some extra features to help you understand and test Android intents.

Use the method described in Diego Torres Milano's blog: Android Intent Playground 2.0 installation or download AndroidIntentPlayground.apk and install it on the emulator using

adb install AndroidIntentPlayground.apk

After successful installation the launcher icon appear on the main screen

Launch Intent Playground and the main screen appears

we can tailor an Intent, filling some of its attributes, and then do something with it for example starting the corresponding application.
Among these Intent attributes we can set

actionthe general action of the Intent, such as ACTION_VIEW, ACTION_EDIT, ACTION_MAIN, etc.
attributethe data to operate on, specified as an (attribute, value) pair.
Can be a

  • data uri
  • category
  • mime type

valuethe actual value to complete the (attribute, value) pair as specified in attribute
intentspecifies what to do with the intent

  • start an activity
  • broadcast the intent
  • start a service
  • resolve the activity

activitythe resolved activity

Random intents
There's a menu option to fill in random values, from a pre built list, of intent attributes

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Sudeep Jha said...

Can I get the source code for Acdroid Intent Playground 2.0